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Construction Technology/Specialty in Solar Power

Program Description

Solar Power Workers
Construction Technology/Specialty in Solar Power

Candidates for this program must possess the inherent desire to design and build implements found throughout the construction industries venue. Prerequisites for a successful graduate of this program include superb hand-eye coordination, upper body strength, and a mentally alert mindset when approaching new tasks. Students in this field learn to develop skills in engineering support and construction as well as business. Classes cover topics that include residential and commercial solar power, structural engineering, electricity, plumbing, and building codes. Upon successful completion of this project, graduates will be qualified to work in teams in project planning, design, and construction. Equipment of the trades will include various hand tools, drills, saws, ladders/lifts, and safety gear. Area contractors who have expressed a strong desire for such candidates span the many disciplines throughout the construction industry. Electric, solar, building, plumbing, security-system, and data companies have allied together in providing IBC the competencies that each discipline requires their technicians’ to possess. Graduates will be qualified as Electrician levels I, Security Hardware Installer, Photovoltaic Technician level I, Solar Thermal Technician, Plumbing Assistant, Roofing Mechanic, and Construction Mechanic.

• Out-of-School assignments required

Quick Facts

Construction Technology/Specialty in Solar Power

Total Quarter Credit Hours 70
Clock Hours 1080

Estimated completion time:
11 months (19 months – nights)

This program is offered during the day & night at the Additional/Branch Campus.

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This program qualifies graduates to receive certifications in:

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