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Preliminary Application for International Students

Welcome to IBC’s Foreign Student Application Center

Here you will submit your information for a preliminary determination of your eligibility to enroll at IBC as a M1 visa student. You can also contact us for more information.

This application is a brief survey type of application designed to ensure that you should be successful in your desire to become a student here under the SEVIS M1 program. Submitting this application is not a guarantee that you will be ultimately accepted. Rather, this application is a tool that gathers the most important information in a quick and easy manner that if deemed adequate, should encourage you to move forward in the enrollment process. Most of the information is self-reported at this stage. Later on, documentation will be required.

IBC charges $75.00 US for making this application process and scheduling an interview with our Foreign Student Office. In order to complete that application you will be required to make your payment in advance.

Once scheduled, your interview will be conducted exclusively in English. IBC strongly recommends that your interview be conducted via Skype. Should Skype not be available for you, a telephone interview will be enough. Again, English is the only language in which instruction is provided at IBC. Therefore, there is no provision for language accommodation. Part of your application is the interviewer’s assessment of your language skills. If the student is not conversationally proficient in English, they would need to become so prior to acceptance at the school.

If the outcome of this preliminary application is negative, IBC will refund your $75.00 fee. However, if the determination of this application submission is that you are a candidate for enrollment; your payment will be applied towards the full application submission fee of $625.00.


Please fill out form below for more info.

Again, we thank you for considering IBC for your career education provider.

Preliminary Application