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Placement Services

At International Business College, we pride ourselves in providing our graduates with the best preparation in their respective field of study. We encourage all employers to hire our students and utilize their skills to help their businesses flourish.

Placement Services

International Business College Placement Services offers these benefits to our clients.

Quality Control

In order to meet all of your requirements, International Business College maintains the best quality control and open door policy available.

The college provides placement assistance including but not limited to:

  • Career Development
  • Conducting an employment orientation that will provide the essential information relating to application, personal data sheets (résumés), job interviews, and other placement related subjects;
  • Assisting with application and employment forms;
  • Preparing transcripts for prospective employers;
  • Helping to secure interviews with prospective employers;
  • Contacting employers to identify job openings;
  • Contacting prospective employers after interviews;
  • Providing information concerning employment opportunities with local, state, and federal agencies.

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