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Criminal Justice

Course Description

The Associate of Applied Science Criminal Justice program teaches the student the ethical and social issues of criminal justice; and also introduces tactics for understanding, preventing and investigating criminal activities. The program teaches practical criminal justice procedures and prepares students for careers in law enforcement, corrections, private and homeland security, and other areas. Upon completion students will receive an Associate of Applied Science Criminal Justice degree.

Please note that some of these occupations may require further education and/or certifications.

Upon successful graduation from this program, graduates should be able to;

  • Demonstrate practical proficiency in the basic application of current office software including word processing; spreadsheet, and presentation development;
  • Utilize basic PC knowledge;
  • Understand the structure of various court systems;
  • Understand basic criminal justice administration and operations;
  • Write and type professional documents;
  • Understand basic police authority, responsibilities, constitutional constraints, laws of arrest, search and seizure;
  • Coordinate a job search.

Additional Information

Quick Facts: Criminal Justice

Total Quarter Credit hours 135 Clock Hours 1770
Estimated completion time: 18 months (26 months night)
This program offered during the day and evening hours at the Main Campus.
  • Introduction to the Court Systems
  • The American Legal System
  • Court Systems and Practices
  • Criminal Law
  • Police Systems
  • Juvenile Justice System
  • Business Law
  • Introduction to Law and Legal Professions
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Correctional Systems
  • Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement
  • Computer Applications
  • Externship
  • Attorney's Assistant
  • Para Professional
  • Legal Assistant
  • Paralegal Specialist
  • Legal Secretary
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Legal Support Technician/Specialist
  • Law Clerk
  • Brief Writer
  • Contract Clerk
  • Case Briefer
  • Law Researcher
  • Legal Research Analyst
  • Patent Researcher
  • Trial Examiner
  • Legal Technician