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You may be selected for a process called Verification by either DOE or by International Business College. Verification requires documenting the information you reported on your FAFSA. If selected for verification, you may be asked to provide documentation of any or all of the following:

Your Financial Aid Officer may request certain documents in addition to your spouse’s and/ or your parents’ Federal Income Tax Return. You must submit the IRS income tax transcript and w-2 forms to the financial aid office in order to complete verification. You will be required to explain any inconsistent or unusual information prior to receiving Student Financial Assistance. Normally this documentation should be submitted as soon as requested; however, International Business College recognizes that sometimes it is necessary to obtain this data from outside sources, which could present additional delays that are beyond your control. Therefore, as long as the student is making every effort to obtain the documentation, the school’s submission deadline is the same as the federal submission deadline, the earlier of 120 days from the last day of attendance or August 31 following the close of the award year. Students who do not meet this deadline are not eligible for any federal aid from the award year and must arrange for payment of outstanding balance. Keep in mind if verification has not been met International Business College will not certify your loan, until verification has been met. If you are selected for verification in subsequent award years, the submission of your required documents must meet Federal Submission deadline dates for the Federal Pell Program. If you fail to provide all verification that was requested, No Title IV can be released.

If corrections are required, it will be necessary for you/or your parents or spouse to submit signed corrected documentation to the school, which will be resubmitted for corrections. After the verification procedures are complete, you will receive an Award Letter Notification that will confirm that your file meets Federal Standards of accuracy. At this time your loan will be certified and submitted for guarantee and release.

International Business College is required by Federal regulations to make referrals to the Department of Education and Department of Justice if it is suspected that aid was requested under false pretense.

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